Friday, November 12, 2010

Labor Dreams

So I have been having some extremely odd dreams lately, and  I told my doctor about them and he said that they were labor dreams... I had my first one when i was in my first trimester and basically i was in labor but i couldn't feel any pain, but everyone around me kept saying... "He's almost here! Push!!" and then when the head finally came out, it was the head of a Zebra!! Weird, right???!! I jumped so much that I woke myself up.. The next one I had was that me and my mom were both in labor and having babies at the same time (she was on the bed beside me). Another one that I had was that when I was in labor, they let me deliver Kerrington feet first and when the head was supposed to come out, it got stuck, and they told me that there was no way for them to get him out and i was just going to have to walk around like that forever... I just want to know if anyone else has freakishly weird dreams like I do, because when they're not about labor, they're about me holding the baby but never being able to see his face, or pushing an empty stroller around different stores pretending I had a baby in it... I want to know I'm not going crazy!! haha I know that this is supposed to be normal...but what the heck is normal anymore these days?

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